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TrackAddix Action Camera Policy


While this has been our RULE for several years, we have now established an official event policy regarding Action Camera (GoPro, etc.) use at all TrackAddix events, due to recent incidents and an increase in action camera usage at our events.


AKA "The GoPro Policy"

TrackAddix allows the use of action cameras on motorcycles ridden at our events, with the following restrictions:

1) Camera must be mounted on the motorcycle, and NOT attached to the rider. This means NO helmet mounted or chest-strap mounted camera, or any other type of rider-attached camera is acceptable.

2) Camera itself (not just the mounting bracket) must be securely tethered to a hard part on the motorcycle using safety wire or other similar method of attachment to prevent a "loose" camera from separating from the motorcycle at high speed. This means that the use of the double-sided adhesive (3M, etc.) mounts alone is NOT acceptable. Any camera mounted using adhesive must ALSO be secured secondarily with safety wire or other similar attachment method to the camera itself. Hard camera mounts using actual bolts/screws secured to the fairing, fuel cap, etc. are acceptable.