TrackAddix Event Questions

Common questions that we've been asked about TrackAddix events, along with the answers to those questions - check here for your question BEFORE contacting us, chances are someone else has asked your question before and the answer is below:


Q) If I have ridden at other track days at other tracks, am I still required to take the TrackAddix New Rider's School (aka. the School of Speed) when I come to my first TrackAddix event?

A) No, our rider's school is specifically for FIRST-TIME track day riders. We DO allow anyone to sit in on the school if you'd like, particularly those who may have done track days in the past but have been on a long break since riding on the track and just need a "refresher" on track riding.

Q) Is camping allowed at the track? Can I leave my stuff at the track overnight?

A) Yes, the MPH track is open for camping BOTH Friday and Saturday night, and you can also drop your trailer rig/bike off at the track the night before an event if you'd like. 

Q) Are there RV spots/hookups available at the track?

A) Yes, the MPH track has many RV spots available. You must reserve an RV spot ahead of time by e-mailing the track at and requesting a spot. Please specify in your e-mail if you require 30 or 50 amp service for your rig. The track personnel will e-mail you back your assigned RV spot so you'll know where to go when you get to the track. Cost is assessed by the track, but generally around $50 per day, you'll pay the track directly for the RV spot rental.

Q) What facilities are available at the MPH track for those who are camping?

A) There are full shower & restroom facilities for both men and women available at the track. Expect to be asked for a small fee to be paid to the track by a member of the track staff for your use of the track facilities for camping. 

Q) I see there is a covered pit area that we can use, do I need to reserve a spot in that area and is there a cost for it?

A) The "Hay Barn" covered pit area is available for anyone who wants to set their pit area up there and there is NO charge to do so unless you also want to use 110v power for tire warmers, in which case there is a small charge for the power. See the Track Day Add-Ons menu to pay for power in the Hay Barn. There are NOT assigned spots under the Hay Barn, so you don't need to reserve a spot ahead of time. Everyone can set their pit area up wherever they'd like under the Hay Barn, with the exception of the EAST end of the area is reserved for TrackAddix use. This is where we set up the TrackAddix registration area. There is room for 40+ bikes under the Hay Barn, so plenty of room for all who want to pit there. 

Q) Can I park my truck/trailer under the Hay Barn?

A) No, vehicles and trailers are not allowed under the Hay Barn, only bikes and other related pit items such as chairs, toolboxes, etc. are allowed. You are also not allowed to park a truck/trailer directly against the Hay Barn, all trucks and trailers should be parked in the open area to the North of the Hay Barn. See the track paddock map on the MPH Track Information page.

Q) How will I know where to go when I get to the track?

A) We have a handy-dandy track facility map on the MPH track information page here: 

Q) Can I go through tech inspection the night before the event?

A) You need to do a lot more reading on the various event information pages on the website so you fully understand how our events operate. When you ask this question, it indicates you haven't read this information, which means you also haven't read many other important pieces of information about our events. Please go through all of the links on our event information page to make sure you're up to speed:

Q) Can I use a GoPro or similar action camera?

A) Yes, but you need to adhere to our Action Camera Policy in order to do so, see here for the policy:

Q) I ride in the Intermediate group at other track days, which group should I ride in with TrackAddix since you only have 2 groups (A/B) instead of 3?

A) First, you're welcome! You probably now realize (or soon will) how much MORE track time you're going to get with full 30-minute sessions rather than the typical 15-20 minute sessions with other organizations. Our B-Group is designed for newer track riders or those who don't do many track days and are not comfortable being on the track with much faster riders. Our A-Group is for more experienced riders who are comfortable riding with other bikes both slower and faster than they are. If you have any doubt about which group is right for you, we suggest starting out in the B-Group and then if you find that you're being held up and would like to go faster, come see us during the day to get moved to the A-Group.

Q) Can I ride in both A-Group and B-Group if I have buddies there who I want to ride with who are in different groups?

A) No, we take track density very seriously at our events and we keep each group limited in the number of riders for the enjoyment of the riders as well as for safety. 

Q) I like to ride wheelies, can I do that on the track as long as I'm not next to another bike?

A) No, we do not allow or condone ANY type of "stunt" riding on the track at our events. If you're focused on how good of wheelie you can ride, rather than focused on how fast you can go through a corner and how fast of a lap time you can run, TrackAddix events are NOT for you. We are a professional track riding organization, and our inspiration is the riders you see on TV in a MotoGP, World Superbike or Moto America race, NOT a YouTube video of some clown riding a wheelie in traffic on I-70. 

Q) I signed up for an event, but can't make it now because of an unforeseen circumstance, can I get a refund?

A) No, we don't issue refunds. If you qualify for a credit based upon when you send in your cancellation request, the credit will be issued to your TrackAddix rider account to use for a future event. You can also sell your spot to another rider as an alternative. Our cancellation policy is clearly laid out on the Terms & Conditions document that you agree to when you sign up for an event, and can also be found on the event information page here: 

Q) But my reason for cancelling is way better than anyone who's requested to cancel in the past, so can I get a refund because I'm special?

A) No, we don't issue refunds. We respect ALL of our riders, and part of that respect is we don't "play favorites" and treat some riders differently than other riders. Whether you are a military member who gets deployed at the last minute, or someone who has a family member in the hospital unexpectedly, or you contract Covid-19, or you get called in to work, or whatever other reason you have, the ONLY way we can be fair to everyone is to treat everyone the same regardless of the reason for the cancellation. That means we have a clearly-defined cancellation policy and we adhere to that 100% of the time with no exceptions. 

Q) I signed up for an event, but the weather forecast is calling for rain now, will the event still be held?

A) Yes, we ride rain or shine. The only events that we have EVER cancelled due to weather is very early or very late season events where there was literally snow on the ground. We have a contract with the track to hold our events, and the track does not cancel our contract because it rains. If you are in the New Rider's School, you WILL BE riding with your instructors in the rain. In reality, a huge amount can be learned by riding your bike in the rain on the track, embrace it and pick up some new skills.

Q) Can I ride my bike to the track to do a track day?

A) Technically, yes you can. Your bike will need to be prepped for the track per our Tech Requirements before you go out on the track, so you'll need to bring tape and tools along to accomplish this. The reality though, is it's really a terrible idea to ride your bike to a track day for lots of reason. What if your bike breaks, how will you get home? What if you are worn out and tired at the end of the day and then have to ride your bike home, is that safe? We'd suggest finding a way to haul your bike to the track if at all possible. Load it in the back of a truck, even if you don't have your own ramps to bring along there are plenty of ramps at the track that anyone will be happy to loan you to unload. Go to U-Haul and rent a motorcycle trailer, this can be pulled behind virtually any vehicle with a hitch on it. Find a friend with a trailer who's going with room to haul your bike. If you don't have a friend going, visit the TrackAddix Facebook page and post up a request for someone else in your area who is going to haul your bike along, just offer to chip in for gas! 

Q) The TrackAddix GP races look like a lot of fun, can I sign up to race?

A) Sure, just realize that you are signing up for a RACE and not just another track day session. That means that much closer passing is a possibility, and a much higher mental load on YOU to maintain your composure and focus on the task at hand. Completing an 8-Lap race is WAY different from riding 8 laps in a track day session. You need to be an experienced rider to race, if you just completed the New Rider's School, you're not ready to race yet. Reality is if you're not riding in the A-Group, you're not ready to race. And if you're riding in the A-Group, if you can't run consistent lap times within 15 seconds per lap of the riders winning our races, you're not ready to race. We DO want all of our racers to focus on having FUN as the primary goal, but it's still a RACE and not just another track day session.