TrackAddix Grand Prix Race Series

TrackAddix Grand Prix Race Series

See the 2022 Rulebook (Coming Soon.....)

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You need a current season TrackAddix Race Membership, and to register for each individual race, which you can get/do here:

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TrackAddix GP Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Who can race in the TrackAddix GP?

A) Any rider who is registered and eligible to ride at a TrackAddix track day event is eligible to sign up for a GP Race Membership and register for individual race events. However, common sense should also come into play. If you are a brand new track day rider, just completed the rider's school, and are doing your second ever track day it's probably not wise for you to jump right into the race events. Once a rider has done enough track days that they are comfortable riding with other riders both faster and slower than they are, and most importantly are comfortable being passed in close proximity by faster riders, then that rider is probably ready to race.  A good rule of thumb is that if you are riding in the A GROUP on the Saturday track day, and you are consistently running lap times within 15 seconds per lap of our race winners, you should be fine to race.  If you are unsure, then just ask one of the TrackAddix Instruction Staff for advice.  

Q) What class can I race in?

A) We have two overall classes, Lightweight GP and Superbike GP.

* Lightweight GP is designed for smaller bikes with limited top speed, and is a TON of fun! See the TrackAddix GP Rulebook for specification on which bikes are eligible for this class. The Lightweight GP employs a full grid start, with two waves for Expert and Amateur riders. We complete a warm-up lap and at the conclusion of that lap we line up on the starting grid and then start the race.

* Superbike GP is open to ANY bike that is not eligible for the Lightweight GP. The Superbike GP employs a full grid start, with two waves for Expert and Amateur riders. We complete a warm-up lap and at the conclusion of that lap we line up on the starting grid and then start the race.

Q) Can I race in both the Lightweight GP and the Superbike GP races?

A) YES! You can race in both classes if you'd like if you have two bikes with one being eligible for each class. We will have a short intermission between the Lightweight GP race and the Superbike GP race to allow riders to make the switch if they are racing in both.

Q) When are the races?

A) The races are held after the normal track day concludes at 5:00 p.m. on the Saturday dates as part of our weekend track days at both RPM and MPH. Lightweight GP at 5:00 p.m., Superbike GP at 5:30 p.m.

Q) What can I win?

A) This race series is just for fun, it's not sanctioned by any national racing organization and there is not a purse or contingency money to be paid. However, if you beat your buddies we want you to be PROUD so we will be providing medals or trophies and some other prizes as well!

Q) If I pre-register for a race and my bike breaks before the race, will I get a refund? What if I just decide I don't want to race, too tired, etc.?

A) No, sorry, it's the same as track day registrations, if your bike breaks that's on you. Same if you decide not to race for some reason, we thank you for your contribution to the race fund to help cover the cost of running the races, no refunds are issued.

Q) How long are the races?

A) The standard race distance is 8 lap races for both classes. However, based upon events on the ground we may end up modifying that if necessary. We are required to have our race events concluded by 6:00 p.m. so that's the limitation.

Q) Can I sign up for the races at the track or do I have to pre-register?

A) You MUST Pre-Register for the race events by WEDNESDAY at 12:00 NOON the week of the race event!  We DO NOT accept on-site sign-ups for the Race events.