TrackAddix New Riders School

TrackAddix "School of Speed" New Rider's School:

If you are NEW to the track, your first step is to take the TrackAddix New Rider's School, which we call the "School of Speed". The school is offered on SATURDAY at most of our full weekend events, you can see the full schedule of all events here: TrackAddix Track Day Schedule

A welcome packet for the school is available to download here: School of Speed Welcome

This is a TRACK riding program designed for those who want to get faster / smoother / safer by becoming a participant in motorcycle track days.  This is NOT a general "motorcycle safety" instruction program designed for new motorcycle riders.  Please consult if you are a new motorcycle rider looking for basic new rider instruction.  You should have a minimum of ONE year of experience as a motorcycle rider before attending the School of Speed. 

If you have never attended a new rider's school with TrackAddix or another track day organization, then you are REQUIRED to complete the School of Speed as  your first event with TrackAddix.  If you have attended a school previously, but it's been a while and you feel like you could use a refresher, you're welcome to sign up as well.  

The School of Speed is a full-day SATURDAY program, you'll be in the classroom starting at 8:30 a.m. and will be alternating between the clasroom and on-track instruction all morning long until the lunch break at 1:00.  After the lunch break you'll be released into the B-Group track day session to ride on your own and practice all of your newly-learned track skills.  Our instructors will remain on the track circulating around with everyone and if you have questions or need additional help, they will be available to you all afternoon.  

TO SIGN UP for the School of Speed New Rider's School, you FIRST need to create your TrackAddix Rider Account here:

TrackAddix Rider Account System

After you have your account set up, log in to it and proceed to sign up for the track day using the "Sign Up" links.  When you get to the shopping cart page, select BOTH the Track Day Pre-Registration for the date you want to attend and add it to your shopping cart AND select the New Rider's School Registration and add that your cart as well.  If you need to rent leathers, you can also add that to your cart at the same time.  


What do you need for riding gear?

1) Full 1 or 2-piece leather or textile suit with armor. If 2-piece, it must have a full-circumference zipper, not just the short zipper at the back. A back protector is highly recommended, either integrated or strap-on style.

2) Over-the-ankle motorcycle boots

3) Over-the-wrist motorcycle gloves

4) Full-face DOT or SNELL rated helmet (no modular helmets allowed)

If you don't have a 1 or 2-piece riding suit you own yourself or can borrow from a friend, we have a "No Risk Trial" track suit program for Alpinestars and RS Taichi leather suits through Ducati Omaha. This program allows you to purchase a suit to take the rider's school, and if you then decide it's not for you, you can return the (undamaged) suit for a refund, minus a $150 cleaning fee. The odds of you doing the track school and then deciding you don't like it are very, very low, but just in case we offer this piece-of-mind that you won't own a new suit that you will not be using any longer. For suit information and to schedule a fitting, contact Ducati Omaha at 402-408-4400 or Note: If you are not in the Omaha area, we can ship a suit to you for fitting.


What you should do the day of the school:

1) Arrive at the track by 8:00, proceed to the TrackAddix Registration area and get signed in.

2) Have your bike ready to go, have your leathers on, and report to the classroom by 8:30.

3) Have fun!

For questions about the School of Speed, e-mail us at


For riding gear and bike prep requirements, please see our TECH REQUIREMENTS