TrackAddix Motorsports Park Hastings Track Information

TrackAddix Track Information for Motorsports Park Hastings


MPH is a top-class track facility, 2.2 miles long with 13 challenging turns, and very nice on-site facilities including:
  • Guardrail Clubhouse w/Restaurant & Classroom
  • Covered Race Port (aka. the "Hay Barn") pit area with 110v power
  • Many RV spots with 30/50A hookups
  • Tent camping areas (no reservation required)
  • Men's and Women's shower/restroom facilities

If you need an RV spot, you must reserve this in advance with the track, please E-Mail MPH to reserve your RV spot at:

PLEASE INCLUDE in your e-mail request what type of rig you have, parked length, and power service requirements (120v/30A/50A). 

Here is a paddock map of the MPH facility showing where all of the major features are located during TrackAddix events:

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MPH Track Map

Here is a track map of the MPH track:

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MPH Track Map

Here are some lap tips for getting around the MPH track on a motorcycle.



Here is some video showing what it's like to ride around the MPH track at a track day: 

Here's where the MPH track facility is located:

Covered pit spots are available to RENT in the TrackAddix Race Port (aka. the "Hay Barn") - no need to set up an EZ Up that will blow away in the wind!

Note: If there are bays that are NOT reserved, we will open those spots up for anyone to pit for free (plus $10 to use 110v power if you need it for tire warmers). Check with TrackAddix staff at morning registration to see if there are any spots available. Single-person spots cannot be reserved in advance, only bay rentals can be reserved in advance. We really want to encourage small groups of riders to get together and RESERVE a bay in advance to use together, this makes everything much easier for all involved. Visit the TrackAddix Riders Facebook Group and round up a couple friends to split a bay with and get it reserved!

There are 16 pit bays available in the Race Port, with room for 3 bikes & gear to fit comfortably in each bay.  This is a GREAT facility, and in the summer it's literally 15-20 degrees cooler in the Race Port than it is in the rest of the paddock! 

Race Port pit spots are available to RENT on a pre-reservation basis. Rental of ONE bay is $30 for Saturday (and you get to use it on Sunday for FREE as well). You can rent a bay for yourself to stretch out and set up your pit area, or share with friends. ONE person is required to rent the bay from TrackAddix and then can share with whoever they'd like.

BONUS - If you rent TWO adjoining bays, (13/14, 5/6, 7/8) you are allowed to put vehicles/trailers right next to or IN the bay if they fit. This is a great option for a group who comes to the event together to "own" your own space at the track and stay out of the sun/weather and keep all of your gear right there. For the South bays any vehicles parked inside or adjacent to the rented bay cannot protrude to the South outside of the bay more than 6 feet so as not to impede the paddock right-of-way. For the North bays a vehicle/trailer can be backed up to the bay facing N/S with no restriction on how far to the North it protrudes. Vehicles must not block other bays you are not renting. 

110v POWER is available everywhere in the Race Port, and power use is INCLUDED in your bay rental! Sorry, there are no 30/50 amp RV spots available to rent in the barn, the RV spots on both ends of the barn are used by TrackAddix staff. If you need RV power, contact the track to reserve an actual RV spot elsewhere in the paddock. If you can utilize 110v in a small camper, etc. that is available in the Race Port and you are welcome to park your camper there IF you rent adjoining bays. You can also park your small camper in the North paddock behind the barn and run an extension cord from YOUR rented bay for 110v power to your camper.

Please note some bays are RESERVED for TrackAddix and partner use, please do not set your pit area up in our spots. See the map below for the Race Port pit bay layout.

To rent a Race Port bay, visit the TRACK DAY ADD-ONS PAGE


YES you can drop your trailer at the track Friday/Saturday evening, the area is secure for overnight storage as many riders stay at the track overnight and the gates are closed at night. If you pull in late, you CAN still get in to drop your trailer, the gate will be closed but not locked, so you're welcome to pull the gate open to come in, just pull it closed behind you please. The large central paddock area when you first enter the track is where you should park your trailer if you don't have a specified RV spot reserved.



If you're not camping or staying in an RV at the track, there are multiple hotels in the city of Hastings, 5 minutes from the track. We normally recommend the cluster of hotels up on the North end of town, where there is a Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn and several others. Just hit Google Maps and you'll find multiple options in that area and there is a nice bypass road around the East side of town to go from those hotels straight to the track on the Southeast edge of town.