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Bridgestone R11 DOT Race Tire

Bridgestone R11 DOT Race Tire

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R11 DOT Race Tire

Tire Warmers: Recommended
Application: Track Only

Introducing the RACING R11: improved specification is designed to shave seconds off lap times while maintaining ease of handling

Leveraging Bridgestone's proprietary ULTIMATE EYE (TM) analysis technology and the newly developed V-MS_BELT construction, this tire achieves more uniform distribution of contact pressure while cornering. Because this reduces lateral slides when applying power to drive out of corners, it allows to open the throttle earlier at the corner exit. Although it is a tire designed for the circuit, the high level of grip and the firm contact increase confidence and safer handling.

Recommended for:
я Riders who ride the track at various riding events and who ride for sports.
я Riders who want to win production races.
я Riders who can properly adjust the vehicle setting, and temperature/air pressure of the tire.

Bridgestone R11 Compounds

BASELINE tire pressures for Bridgestone R11 Race Tires:

These pressures are HOT off the warmers after 45 minutes, and please note if you are coming from the prior generation R10 race tires, these pressures are different and especially the rear R11's have a stiffer carcass and therefore run a lower pressure than the R10's required.

110F 34-35 psi
120F 30-31 psi

140/150R 25-26 psi
180R 25-26 psi
190R 25-26 psi
200R 23-25 psi

As always, tire pressure recommendations are a baseline ONLY, and you should adjust your pressures based upon current track conditions and tire performance, this just gives you a place to START if you haven't used the tires before and are not sure what range they should be in.

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