TrackAddix MPH Clubhouse Meal Pre-Order

TrackAddix MPH Clubhouse Meal Pre-Order

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NEW FOR 2023!!

You can now PRE-ORDER your lunch (Sat/Sun) or dinner (Sat ONLY) RIGHT HERE while registering for an upcoming TrackAddix event! No more hassling with payment in the clubhouse while getting your meal, pre-order NOW and all you need to do on-site is pick up your food.

TIP: You can purchase multiple meals at the same time, just add one meal to your shopping cart then click on "Continue Shopping" or click the Back button, and you can add an additional meal to your cart.

You can still buy food at the track the old fashioned way as well, but PLEASE use this option if you can to pre-order your food so the clubhouse staff has a better idea of how many meals they will be serving, as well as speeding up the entire process for everyone!

  • April - Chicken fried steak
  • May - Philly steak sandwich 
  • June - Lasagna
  • July - Fried chicken
  • Aug - Taco bar
  • Sept - Chicken enchiladas

All of the dinners will come with appropriate sides, dessert and a fountain soda/tea for $15



Standard lunch menu will be in place for the season and will include:

  • Main Dish (Burger, Hot Dog, Wrap, etc.)
  • Chips
  • Fountain soda/tea

Lunch cost $11


Breakfast WILL ALSO be available both Saturday and Sunday mornings, starting at 7:30 a.m. - you will PAY AT THE TRACK for Breakfast